Minolta X-700 X-370 Release Capacitors C9 C10 3 pcs CHOICE Tantalum Electrolytic in Spokane, Washington

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Lot of 3 Pieces of Release Capacitors
for Minolta X-700, X-570, X-370 and some other models (XG

and variants of X Series)

Regular electrolytic (aluminum) capacitors

This is the "correct"

replacement parts for Minolta release capacitors (220uf, 4v, low profile

version). The parts are brand new, factory fresh and

made by Panasonic (Matsushita). These capacitors are polarized. The bar on the

side indicates the NEGATIVE pole.


Tantalum capacitors (virtually last forever)

These are SMD

(Surface Mount Device), without leads from factory. We have soldered leads on

for your convenience. These capacitors are also polarized. The bar on the side

indicates the POSITIVE pole. They are made by Kemet and are the higher grade

ones with 10% tolerance.

You can solder them

with face up or down, depending the locations of the positive/negative poles. We

also took care to solder the leads in 3 different ways for the 3 capacitors as

shown in the photo to allow more flexibility.
If you solder them

face up, and the circuit board is the older rigid board (found in some older

model and/or lower serial numbers), it would be prudent to

stick a small piece of electrical tape on the bottom side of the capacitor. If

the circuit board is newer flex board, it doesn't matte since all circuits are

sealed. The capacitor is a little longer than the electrolytic ones but a lot

thinner. You shouldn't have problem fitting it into the place.
You can bend the

leads to fit the soldering point locations but do not bend out the factory sheet

metal contacts. They will break off easily as they are not meant to be bent out.

If you need to bend the wires, use needle nose pliers or strong tweezers to hold

the wire section near the capacitor then bend it so you are bending the wire,

not the factory contacts.
To work on those

tiny components in tight space, it is best to use a soldering iron with a

pointed tip. A chisel tip won't work well. Both types of capacitors must be

soldered on with correct polarity. Take a picture before you remove the old one.
Photos show

actual item (meter not included)

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