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Virizion worth$25, selling for$ 10, mint condition. 2. Zekrom worth$16, offering for $15, mint condition. 3. Pikachu worth$25
, costing $10, very condition. 4.
Darkrai worth $75, costing $60, excellent condition.
5. Rayquaza worth $99.99, offering for$90, mint condition.$195 for all the cards! This is a great bargain for some unique cards plus lots of, many extra trading cards! It's a collection worth at about$ 1,000, however I have not play. This is your opportunity to have a bulk collection! New, rare Relic Walt Disney" 100 Years of Magic"Watch. This watch

was made to commemorate what would have been Walt Disney's 100th
birthday. Face of watch states"100 years of magic "and has a photo of Walt Disney. Silver bezel, leather band with stainless steel backing. Shock and water resistant too.
(This watch runs out manufacturing!). The watch is BRAND NEW (never ever worn.). DUE TO THE FACT THAT WATCH HAS BEEN IN STORAGE, new BATTERY NEEDED.

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