Remember star gazing as a child . It was a very special time for you . Maybe it was the last time you star-gazed. Well now you can have this same experience every night in your home . It's a magical illusion designed just for you with just what you want to see. Lights on , the room appears to be normal. but turn the lights out and it's as though your ceiling is not there. Thousands of stars appear as though your in the mountains. Shooting stars, Costellations, Milky Way Galaxy, Nebula Gases. comets. I know you'll love it . We can set up a demo if you like.I just want everyone to see this, its so relaxing. I'll work out a special deal with you . In other words , I'll make it affordable, open to bartering. you have nothing to lose , give me a call at

or e-mail me at or go to my web site at /wsmith
Artist Illusionist
Location: Spoane @ surrounding areas

Category:  Creative
 |  Address:  Spokane, Washington
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