My story
Cloud is definitely a little lady. She loves reclining on her large, soft bed or burrowing under her covers. We have all gotten so used to seeing just her tail peeking out from under her blanket, that if someone forgets to give her one she looks completely lost and out of place. She likes to maintain a healthy little personal bubble around herself and she will move away or complain if another cat comes too close to her bubble. Part of the reason for that is because she has been declawed and she can no longer defend herself with her paws like a normal cat can. She would absolutely do best in an adult only home where her special needs will be taken care of. Like many older ladies, she has some health issues, so please read ALL of her paperwork carefully before deciding to adopt Cloud. She is a very gentle cat who is actually very affectionate once she gets to know someone and trust that they are going to watch out for her. She is a very playful cat when she feels the urge but she saves that show for when there are no people around and no one is going to bother her. She loves gentle pets and soft conversation from people she knows and trusts. Big purr! Cloud is all in all, a very sweet girl who deserves a compassionate and caring home where she will be cherished and coddled.

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