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I have lots of College books that I prepare to sell. I have a math book, a few history books, a couple english books, a music recognition text book and drama books. I got a few of these brand brand-new, and some used and only one english book and one chapter of music recognition is heavily highlighted.

Brand New-.
Mathematics- Elementary Algebra- Edition 9- Charles P. McKeague (without gain access to code) $80 obo (orig. $120).
6 Characters in search of an Author- Luigi Pirandello $3 (orig. $6).

At A Glance Reader- Second Edition- Lee Brandon (heavily highlighted) $15 (orig. $30).
The Landscape of History- John Lewis Gaddis $15 (orig. $25).
Absolutely no: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea $15 (orig. $25).
Improvement of Writing- English 97 for Spokane Community College- Denise Lambert- $20 (orig. $30).
World Volume 2: Since 1450- Craig A. Lockard (with access code)- $50 (orig. $60-$65).
Binder Edition for Music Appreciation- (missing out on very first chapter, will certainly try to discover it if not, will lower cost) (greatly highlighted in chapt. 1 and 2. $20- negotiable.
I have other books also such as R.U. R, and a few others but I cannot find them. If I do I will throw them in with the other drama book no extra charge.

Text, Call or Email me if interested!

6 Characters In Search of an Author- ISBN-13: 978- 0-486-29992-1 ISBN-10: 0-486-29992-9.
At A Glance Reader- ISBN- 978-0-618-54229-1.
World Volume 2- ISBN- 978-1-4390-8413-7.
Music Appreciation- ISBN-13: 978-0-07-762734-8 ISBN-10: 0-07-762734-2.
Elementary Algebra Edition 9- ISBN-13: 978-08400-6421-9 ISBN-10: 0-8400-6421-7.
Landscape of History- ISBN- 978-0-19-517157-0.
No- ISBN- 978-0-14-029647-1.
Enhancement of Writing- ISBN-13: 978-1-121-09500-7 ISBN-10: 1-121-09500-3.

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